ENG // 29 // We want you! A choral poem on the window

For all of you friends of Peripli but also for those who are landing here for the first time: we need your support!

On the occasion of our next exhibition (25th-27th April in Marano Vicentino), we would like to achieve a performance titled “Poetry on the window” with the help of all of you.

A choral poem that we will transcribe in real time on the window of our exhibition space.

The rules are simple: everyone of you will be able to choose a verse from a poem by Peripli that inspires him (here), such as a verse written by other participants, and so use it as the opening words to write a strophe to be added as a comment to the post of the choral poem (which we will be created tomorrow).

As you add your verses, the choral poem will take form in the post as like as on the real window!

We eventually could make a small book with strophes and photographs of the performance collected.

We hope you like the idea! If you like it, spread the word, and reblog, please! And best of all participate please!

We will be delighted to write with you this poem!

Waiting for updates, stay tuned and thank you very much,

safe travels,

Cantiere Peripli